Woodstock Rehab

Woodstock rehabilitation practice specifically for addictive behaviors and eating disorders. To find out if you can be accommodated by the clinic please fill out the form in the bottom of the page or phone us on 021 300 1817. Our service is private and fully confidential.

Woodstock Rehab Clinic for Addiction

Woodstock rehab cape townOpened in 2009 the practice was initially set up as a sober living home but quickly grew into a full inpatient facility with the ability to treat all substance dependence and addictive disorders (gambling, sex, love & co dependency). Additionally, it offers on-going aftercare and secondary therapy along with choices of sober living. The Woodstock rehab is able to treat eating disorders as well as stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorders).

The Woodstock rehab has its own dedicated medical staff enabling them to treat acute cases of addiction 24/7. The clinic provides ample living accommodation, all foods and access to swimming pool and its own fitness center. We can organize priority admissions and have a strong working relationship with the Woodstock rehab.


Woodstock is a suburb of Cape Town roughly 1km from Cape Town central. It is known for its hip vibes and famous music scene.

Woodstock Rehab Treatment options

Medical Detox
Primary Care
Secondary Care
Tertiary Care
Sober Living
Outpatient Options

Admissions process

We can transport you to the Woodstock rehabilitation practice  and can take care of the entire admission process for you if required. The clinic accepts medical aid and can offer financing for customers should they meet criteria. The admission can normally be the same day if the practice has space. We do have rehab clinics in Cape Town that can help should the Woodstock rehab be full. Phone us on 021 300 1817 or complete the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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