Milnerton Rehab

Milnerton rehabilitation practice especially for addictive behaviors and eating disorders. The clinic can accept admissions the same day and has its own dedicated detox unit with 24/7 medical staff. Call Cape Town Rehab Info now on 021 300 1817 or complete the form below and we will arrange your admission to the Milnerton rehab clinic.

Milnerton Rehab Clinic for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Milnerton rehab cape townThe Milnerton rehab clinic offers first class addiction treatment and has its own medical team. Additionally, it offers life time aftercare and secondary therapy together with options of ongoing sober living.

The practice provides all food and has ample living accommodation with access to swimming pool and its gym. The clinic has its own catering team alongside some of the best addiction staff in the world. The programme is 12 step orientated but a non 12 step programme can be offered. We can organize priority admissions to the Milnerton rehab clinic.


Milnerton is situated on the coast and is aproximitaly 11km from Cape Town central. It is known for its good surfing beaches, great views and lagoon.

Milnerton Rehab Services

  • Medical Detox

We offer a full medical detox for addictive substances like alcohol, heroin, nyaope & codeine. This can be from 5-21 days depending on the person.

  • Primary Care

4 Week primary care (including detox).

  • Secondary Care

8 Week secondary care within the same premises.

  • Sober living

Work placements and sober living support upon leaving.

  • Outpatient 

8 Week outpatient programme available.

  • Aftercare 

Aftercare is not limited and can be continued for life.

  • Airport Transfers

We can arrange airport transfers for our clients,


We can take the stress out of the admissions process by arranging it for you and can sometimes provide transport to the rehab clinic. The practice can provide financing for customers should they match lending criteria and does accept medical.

Want to arrange a fast admission to the clinic? Call us now on 021 300 1817 or complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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