Cape Town Rehab Clinic

Cape Town Rehab Clinic admissions can be arranged the same day. We have a 24 hour medical team so are able to accept urgent and severe addiction cases at the drop of a pin. Call 021 300 1817 now for free advice on addiction and the options available to you. Our Cape Town Rehab Clinic is waiting to help!

Cape Town Rehab Clinic – Addiction in Cape Town

Due to the big problem that South Africa and Cape Town have with the drug abuse, many rehab centers were open around the country. Cape Town Rehab Clinics are now available – if you or one of your family members or friends need help, call us now and we can even arrange free transportation. We will take care of you or your family and we will make sure the drug addiction won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Cape Town Rehab ClinicWith the life style that Cape Town, as a city, has, it is difficult to decide to go to Rehab. We know it but we are here to help you to make one of the biggest steps in your life: quit substance abuse. Even if we talk about medical prescriptions abuse, alcohol or drug, Cape Town Rehab clinics specialise in each addiction. We have specific clinics that are specialized in Alcohol, Cannabis, Heroin, MDMA, Cat, Mandrax, Nyaope, Ketamine, Crack, Cocaine, Crystal Meth & Prescription drugs such as Codeine, Valium and Methadone. We also work with Cape Town Rehab Clinics that treat Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Love Addiction, Depression & Eating disorders.

Our centers are considered some of the best on the earth both by success rates and facilities. Most of them include luxurious swimming pools, gymnasium amenities together with a great nutrition plan. Our employees are very well trained and all of them are here to give you full support, assistance and the best personalized treatment you can get.

Our Cape Town Rehab clinic offers packages from 3-5 days detoxification to a complete residential package that lasts from weeks to months. We will decide together what fits better to you, according to your needs and your abuse problem. All you have to keep in mind is that this process can’t be rushed and you have to take your time to recover. This time depends from patient to patient and you shouldn’t be scared if it takes longer than you heard.

Cape Town Rehab Clinic Services:

  • Fast admission to one of the best private addiction clinics
  • Complete treatment and detox
  • Expert advice from professionally trained counselors
  • Help in deciding which treatment center, detox or rehabilitation center best meets your needs
  • Discounts and Medical Aid accepted
  • Personalized recovery treatment and outcomes
  • Drug addiction is a serious disease for which you will receive a high quality care during your entire stay at our center
  • Group therapy

The service we provide begins as soon as you contact us, so don’t waste time! Our dedicated team of addiction specialists know exactly how you feel since they have been there themselves and understand the struggles you are facing. We don’t think there is a better place to begin your alcohol or drug rehab treatment than in one of our Cape Town Rehab clinics. It’s time for your life to start again! Contact us today for fast admissions! 021 300 1817.

Medical Aid accepted:

If you have medical insurance it could cover your stay in our Cape Town Rehab Clinic, meaning you pay nothing to get the treatment you need! Call us today for advice on addiction and a free addiction assessment.

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