Bellville Rehab

Bellville Rehab clinic focuses on eating disorders and substance dependency problems. The practice has a complete detox center allowing 24/7 entrances. We can offer transportation to the clinic and priority admissions. To organize entry just fill out the contact form below or telephone 021 300 1817.

Bellville Rehab

bellville rehab cape townThe clinic is set in a secured private property with large gardens. The Bellville rehab has a swimming pool and gym which patients are welcome to use. The facility has its own catering team and devoted dining building and can manage up to 18 clients at one time.

The practice uses some of the best addiction staff from all over the world and is well recognized globally for the treatment programme and aftercare services.

Bellville Rehab Services

  • Detox

Medically managed detox facility with 24/7 nursing personnel allowing the Bellville rehabilitation clinic to handle the most acute cases of dependence.

  • Medical check up

A complete medical examination will be provided by the in house physician upon entrance.

  • Primary Care

4-8 week intensive primary programme.

  • Secondary Care

Secondary care for up to SIX months onsite.

  • Tertiary Care

Individual tertiary practice for customers transitioning from treatment from secondary.

  • Sober Living

Continuing care through assistance and living placements.

  • Outpatient

Extensive out patient programme accessible.

Aftercare in the Bellville rehabilitation is forever.

  • Music Remedy & Artwork Therapy

Creative treatments are used at the Bellville rehabilitation as well as other conventional treatment strategies.

  • Trauma Counselling

Intensive retreats and trauma counselling sessions available.

  • Collection service

We can arrange transportation to the Bellville rehab clinic.


Belville is situated 12 miles from Cape Town city centre and was know as 12 mile post before being renamed in 1861. It is in the Western Cape region which is known for the fine beaches, friendly locals, great seafood and wine farms. The Bellville rehabilitation is located away from busy streets and is a really tranquil setting.

To arrange admission to the clinic or for more information give us a call on 021 300 1817 or complete the form below.

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