Cape Town Addiction Clinics

Our Cape Town addiction clinic’s offer same day admissions, accept medical aid and can even arrange transportation. We have strong relationships with almost every clinic in Cape Town and the Western Cape so you know we can find you the perfect clinic. We have advantages over most providers in that we are not tied exclusively to any particular treatment. This essentially means we don’t have to sell you a treatment we don’t think will work. We match you to the perfect clinic. Repeat business in addictions is bad news!

Cape Town Addiction Clinic

Cape Town Addiction ClinicOur Cape Town Addiction clinic’s vary in price, type of programme, facilities and what they can treat. We have specialised clinics designed to solely treat specific addictions to substances alongside clinics that solely work with eating disorders. Whatever your problem is I have no doubt we have a Cape Town Addiction Clinic that will suit your needs and help you on your path to recovery. We work with 12 step and non 12 step clinics and have close ties to some of the leading figures in the addiction market both privately and on a state level.

We have luxurious Cape Town Addiction Clinic’s, budget clinics and everything in-between. All too often in this market people are pushed into the wrong clinic for financial reasons and we deal with so many people who have been to numerous clinics across the country. We understand that if you match the correct clinic to the person we should not get repeat custom. We pride ourselves on success rates and having all been through many clinics ourselves actually understand what works for people and what does not. We see no point in going to a clinic that will be of no benefit to you.

Often it is said “some treatment is better than no treatment”? We disagree, addiction treatment is not cheap and if you don’t get the right help you will be left feeling like it will never work and maybe not seek help again.

Our Cape Town Addiction clinic treatments vary in length from a 5 day detox right through to a one year stay. The one year treatment can even be extended to suit whatever you personal needs are. Medical Aid is welcomed at our Cape Town Addiction clinic’s. Our prices for one month in a Cape Town Addiction Clinic start at just R8000.00 – This is some of the cheapest and most effective treatment currently available worldwide. Sadly we are not able to offer any free treatment in Cape Town at present but is is a long term goal of ours. Cape Town Addiction Clinic’s are know as some of the very best in the world so let us get you to the correct one for you.

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