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Home Detox South Africa offer a full medical detox for all substances and operate nationwide & internationally. They were established in 2007 and have helped many people overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders. We have a working relationship with Home Detox South Africa and can arrange discounted rates of service. 

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Set up initially in Cape Town Home Detox South Africa has grown internationally since its inception and has made a huge impact on addiction across the continent.

Home Detox South Africa – Services

  • Alcohol Home Detox

Medically managed alcohol home detox service designed to be hassle free. This service can reduce withdrawal symptoms like sweats, shakes and insomnia, it also removes risk of seizures.

  • Drug Home Detox

Home Detox South Africa can detox all substances including opiates (heroin, nyaope & codeine). This can be through medical detox or our natural detox.

  • Prescription Medication Detox

We can medically manage a detox from prescription medications such as Valium and sleeping tablets either at home or in a detox centre.

  • Home Based Rehab Programme 

A CBT (cognitive based therapy) based workbook along with one to one support. Cheapest private recovery option in South Africa.

  • Rehab referrals

Same day admissions to network of rehab clinics across the world. Hold close relationships with clinics allowing discounted rates, free placements and faster admissions out of hours.

  • Natural Detox

Completely natural detox for any substance. Can be posted without prescription.

  • Naltrexone Implants

Home Detox South Africa offers Naltrexone implants in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban.

  • Ibogaine Therapy 

Home Detox South Africa offers Ibogaine therapy in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban. Can also ship Ibogaine.

  • Gambling Addiction Treatment

Home based gambling addiction help programme. Highly effective.

  • Outpatient services

Home Detox South Africa have a network of outpatient centres across South Africa. This is growing daily.

Home Detox South Africa

Home Detox services can be very effective if managed properly. They typically work best for people with a real desire to stop using. Home based detox is an ideal solution for someone who has relapsed and needs a physical break from the addiction. Home Detox South Africa offer some of the most cost effective detox services in South Africa and provide on going support.

For more information on Home Detox South Africa call 087 550 1938.

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