Cape Town Addiction Treatment

We specialise in Cape Town Addiction Treatment as we live in Cape Town and have all recovered from addiction within this very area. The advantage we have as a group is we do not have exclusive relationships and offer every possible treatment option available in the area. This means we match you as an individual to the treatment we think will work best. We hate repeat custom as it means we got something wrong. We actually pride ourselves on dealing with people once and once only. Cape Town Addiction Treatment when matched correctly should be a one off thing not a once a year thing. All too often people are placed into clinics due to the financial gain of others. We know this as it happened to us! Some of our team have been to over 10 different rehab clinics in South Africa alone before finding recovery. We learned from our (or our advisers at the time) mistakes and want to prevent you spending everything you have on Cape Town Addiction Treatment.

Cape Town Addiction TreatmentOur Cape Town Addiction treatments vary in price, programme and type massively. There are diverse treatments available in South Africa that are successful but ignored due to pressure from the medical society and the reliance on a steady cash flow for pharmaceutical companies. We as a group understand that everyone is different and no one treatment is the answer. The 12 steps work, ibogaine works, naltroxin works, everything works just for different people. We are the only people in South Africa to offer such a wide range of treatments under one name.

Cape Town Addiction Treatment is know worldwide as the best outside of the US. Price wise Cape Town Addiction Treatment is without doubt the best quality in the world. We offer residential Cape Town addiction treatment from as little as R7000.00. We also offer outpatient programmes and alternative treatments across South Africa that have remarkable success rates.

Why settle for one persons (or clinics) opinion on addiction treatment when we can give you an honest answer without any bias towards a certain clinic. We have done addiction, we are doing recovery, we get it and we want you to as well. The entire principal of many treatment programmes is to give what you have (experience) for free and that’s what we try to do. We are an information service who can get you the right help and prevent endless relapse.

Our Cape Town Addiction Treatment covers everything from substances to eating disorders and mental health issues. We have dealt with everything in this field first hand and don’t believe a degree gives you any more knowledge than first hand experience.

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