Addiction Treatment

We offer Addiction Treatment solutions not just in Cape Town but also across the rest of South Africa and much of the world. Due to our background in the addiction market we have strong ties to some of the very best and newest treatments available. New treatments we are offering outside of the Western Cape include Neltroxin Implants and Ibogaine treatments. We have a network of rehab clinics that work with us across South Africa.

Addiction Treatment

We have multiple Clinics specialising in addiction treatment based in Plettenburg Bay, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. We now have access to a rehab clinic in every province of South Africa. Further to this we can arrange treatment within the UK, Switzerland, Thailand and Spain. Sometimes a change of environment is good for addiction treatment.

What Addiction Treatment Do we offer?

As we are not tied directly to any particular treatment provider we are able to offer essentially every treatment that is currently available on the market. This gives us a huge advantage over every other provider in the addiction treatment market and allows us to actually pick a treatment for a person. We dont beleive there is a right way or a wrong way to treat addiction and as such really diversify what we offer. Here is a list of our treatments across South Africa.

  • Medical Detox (Traditional within rehab clinic)
  • Neltroxin Implant (JHB Only)
  • Ibogaine Treatment (JHB Only)
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Tertiary Care
  • Sober Living
  • Aftercare
  • Outpatient Options

This list is not exhaustive so get in contact with us if you want to discuss further some of our options. We are always willing to help! We must advise though that not all of our Addiction Treatments are free sadly at this time. We are looking at setting up a foundation in the future that could help people without funding but at present this is a long process. For more information on free treatment in South Africa please visit this site.

Addiction Treatment

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