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Cape Town Rehab InformationWho are we? Cape Town Rehab Information is a combined group of addiction specialists who provide facts on addiction and solutions for the best current treatments available, both traditional and alternative.

At Cape Town Rehab Info we don’t believe that every treatment works for everyone. Each person suffering with addiction suffers their very own personal problems and struggles. That is why we play such a vital role in treatment for addiction in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on doing our very best to avoid repeat customers as this to us means failure on our part to place the individual correctly.

Cape Town Rehab Info – What do you actually offer?

What don’t we offer! Excuses! We will try our best to find the right place for our clients within Cape Town and the surrounding areas. If we can’t we will find the nearest suitable clinic for our clients. We have not yet had to send any of our patients outside of the Western Cape.

Treatment wise we provide pretty much everything from Detox only programmes to full 1 year residential rehab programmes. Here is a list of what we do:

  • Supervised Detox for Alcohol
  • Supervised Detox for Drugs (including prescription)
  • Primary Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Secondary Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Tertiary Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Half Way House
  • Sober Living
  • Full Outpatient Programmes
  • Under 18 Treatments

We treat alcohol addiction along with all drug addictions such as Cannabis, Cat, Cocaine, Crack, Crystal Meth, Heroin, Ketamine and Nyaope. Also prescription drug addiction can be handled by us.

We also treat all eating disorders along with process addictions such as gaming addiction, sex addiction and porn addiction. We work closely with clinics that also specialise in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Most of these programmes can be mixed and matched to make a programme we believe will give you the optimum chance of long term recovery. We offer free after care with all of the services (limits apply).

We always monitor your progress throughout treatment as we do actually care. We don’t want to see you again because we want you to stay sober! We also put on events for our ex patients and families throughout the year to celebrate sobriety and freedom.

Cape Town Rehab Information also provide news and views for the local area about addiction and how it is improving or getting worse.

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